From September - March, we offer month-to-month rentals!  We have properties ranging from $650 - $1,500 per month.  While the majority of our monthly rentals offer endless views of the ocean, we also have properties in various areas along the Grand Strand.  Additionally, we are able to accommodate snowbirds, locals, or even those traveling for work.  

                                                             Rates:                               Security Deposits:
                                               Studio (no kitchen):  $650-$700                             Studio:  $500
                                               Studio (with kitchen):  $700-$800                          1 bedroom:  $600
                                               1 bedroom:  $800-$900                                         2 bedroom:  $700
                                               2 bedroom:  $900-$1,200                                      3+ bedrooms:  $800
                                               3 bedroom:  $1,500
                                               4 bedroom:  $1,800+

4 Easy Steps To Reserving Your Monthly Rental
Step 1:  Please browse our inventory using the link below.  If you see a property that might be a good fit, you can click on the link and view photos of the actual property.  You can also view the location and a description of the property.

Click Here To View Monthly Winter Rentals!

Step 2:  Most guests want to see the property in person, which is fine!  However, in order for us to schedule a showing, you will need to complete a basic rental application.  The cost of the application is $28.50.  Keep in mind that if you stay at least 90 days, the application fee would be returned to you.  To complete the application, please click the link below:

Click Here To Start Application!

Step 3:  Once the application has been completed, our office will review and reach out to you and setup a time to show you the properties that you are interested in.  Please allow 48 hours for our team to review.  If you do not hear from us, feel free to follow up.  

Step 4:  Once we have found the perfect rental for you, we will send you an electronic rental agreement for you to sign, and the unit will be prepared for your arrival.

Other Important Things To Note:

1.  Guests will pay 12-13% tax.  If the guest stays at least 90 days, the tax would be credited back to you.

2.  Guests will pay a departure deep clean fee.  Price depends on the size of the property.

3.  These are month-to-month rentals, but a 30-day notice is required if you intend to terminate the agreement.  Security deposits will not be refunded if proper notice is not given.  

4.  Monthly inspections will be conducted, and guests will be given notice prior to the inspection.  During the inspection, we will be checking for leaks, damage, and negligence.  We will also use this time to change air filters, door lock batteries, smoke detectors, etc.  

5.  All rentals are NON-SMOKING and NOT pet-friendly.  Ocean Park Resort, Garden City Apartments, and a few of our beach houses are exceptions to the "no pet policy."  

6.  Many of our rentals are located in resorts and HOA communities.  Failure to comply with our rules, as well as the rules of the complex/community, will result in immediate eviction.

If you have any questions or need any assistance along the way, please feel free to reach out to us during normal business hours.  
Office:  843-999-2837
Email:  [email protected]
Facebook:  Larrowe Beach Rentals or Myrtle Beach Getaway
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